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Taking the time to seriously focus on your English will open up unlimited opportunities for you. Your English level will greatly improve, broadening your horizons and giving you an advantage in your chosen career or education. On a more personal level, spending time learning English in The UK will give you incredible experiences.

You will get more out of this course if

      Your level is between Beginner and Advanced.

      You want to enter university or embark on a masters degree.

      You want to give yourself a clear advantage in the workplace and expand your career opportunities.

      You want to take a worthwhile sabbatical learning English before continuing your education or career.

What can you expect on this course?

When joining the Academic programme you will:

                Sit a placement test to determine your current level of English

                Join a class with others of the same level

                Receive your language portfolio, tailored to your own personal needs, goals and motivation for learning

                Embark on a first-class English language course, to develop fluency, accuracy and appropriate uses of English across all four language skills

                Be provided with excellent guidance, monitoring and feedback throughout your course

                Receive continual assessment through class tutorials, homework and regular progress and level tests

                Have confidence that your learning is on track and you are fulfilling your English language potential



Study In The UK Study In The UK Study In The UK





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