Business English


Business English

Ideal for individuals who want a competitive edge in the world of work, business and commerce. This intensive immersion course raises your English level and develops the language, skills and cultural understanding you need to thrive in today's global workplace.

You will get more out of this course if

    You are 23-years old or over.

    You are Intermediate to Advanced level.

    You want to learn the language of business.

    You want to improve your career.

    You want to improve your fluency and accuracy and learn the correct language used in an English-speaking workplace.

    You want to learn the communication skills you need to do well in a variety of corporate situations.

What can you expect on this course?

With a focus on relevant corporate situations, you will develop the fluency, accuracy and confidence to deal with clients and colleagues in English, plus the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills you need to function in a wide range of business situations. This course includes:

    Using the Phone

    Travel and meetings

    Buying & Selling

    The language of business meetings

    Making presentations


    Critical thinking and problem solving

    Conducting negotiations

    Writing professional reports, emails and letters

When you arrive, you will discuss with your teacher what you want to learn about in class. Your teacher will then plan a programme that covers these topics.

On your course you will meet other business English students from different nationalities. This is a great chance for you to learn about foreign business cultures and possibly make some useful business contacts.



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