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About These Courses

The LLM is a one-year postgraduate degree in Law. Most programmes are for students who already have an undergraduate degree in law, or have equivalent professional qualifications. However, the Qualifying LLM may be taken by students who do not have a background in law, but would like to become a lawyer. Many LLM programmes specialise in a particular area of law, while others are more general. We represent university Law Schools offering LLM courses in London and elsewhere in the UK.

Why Choose This Course?

The growing complexity of national and international legal systems has increased demand for lawyers with specialist knowledge. By studying an LLM, you will have the opportunity to develop expertise in an area of law that interests you, for example commercial law, employment law, taxation and so on. That way, you will be able to stand out from the competition, make yourself more attractive to potential employers and improve your career and salary prospects.


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