Oil & Gas English


Oil And Gas English

The Oil & Gas Sector is increasingly an international environment where English language skills are vital at all levels within an organisation; whether it be Executive, Engineering staff or Administration.

Sector professionals need to be able to communicate in day-to-day activities on a wide range of topics from technical concepts and specialised data presentation to general discussion of upstream and downstream operations. Functional skills such as problemsolving in teams or general negotiation are essential.

This programme is designed to meet the particular needs of sector professionals whilst having the flexibility to allow tailoring to specific interest groups; whether Senior Executives, Managers, or Maintenance Engineering staff.

Programmes are delivered by an instruction team incorporating both oil & gas sector expertise, and exam preparation experience. This ensures that tailored programmes, instructed by qualified trainers, provide optimum preparation for sector professionals.

You will learn how to:

TImprove your speaking strategies and fluency
TDevelop functional language for the oil & gas workplace
TImprove your English pronunciation 
TBroaden your knowledge of industry-specific vocabulary
TDevelop your ability to make a point, negotiate and advise

TMake effective technical presentations
TIncrease your ability to speed read common industry documents
TProduce concise emails and clear, accurate reports




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