Student Counselling


Students Counselling

The process of university selection, application and admissions acceptance can seem daunting. Study in the UK counseling with expertise and experience will help, assist and simplify this intricate process.

You will be provided guidance and in-depth evaluation by our education counselors based on your specific requirements.

At Study in the UK, our counselors understand that one of the most important decisions students and parents will have to make is that of higher education. We will assist and hold your hand through the entire process and make it as smooth as we can.

Our specialized counseling team will highlight the benefits of studying in The UK and advise you on choosing a course that is based on your interest and career perspective.

Study in the UK counselors will also offer you an insight into different universities that are best suited for your course. The counselors will assist you with the application and selection process from the universities you have chosen to apply to and help facilitate the visa process. We even sort out accommodation for you - making sure you are settled in before you start your course!

Our Counseling Services include:

Information: providing you regarding different countries of the world, education systems, universities/college, fields of Studies, part time work, immigration rules etc.

    Advising: you about course/degree selection.

        Evaluating: your application and all your educational documents and helping you in completing all the requirements.

        Assisting: you in processing your application and filing for visa.

        Providing: you TOEFL/IELTS preparatory classes (if required).


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