Students Accommodation


 Students Accommodation

Finding somewhere to live while studying is one of your biggest decisions. Find out what types of accommodation you could live in.

It’s important to start making arrangements as soon as you have been accepted onto a degree course. We will be able to advise you on suitable accommodation, especially if you have special requirements such as a disability or are planning on bringing family.

By choosing a university-approved accommodation, you should be able to eliminate many of the hassles of moving house. The university should have inspected the accommodation and can help you if you have any problems. Some universities guarantee on-campus accommodation for postgraduates. There are different types of places to live to choose from:

    Halls of residence: large, exclusively student-occupied accommodation, normally maintained by the university. Residents live in study bedrooms, either alone or sharing with another student.

    Purpose-built accommodation: There are plenty of purpose-built accommodation options in and around many universities. With over 120 properties across the UK in over 24 towns and cities.

    Hostels: the best alternative if you are unable to get a place in a hall of residence or you are coming to the UK for the first time.

    Lodgings: a rented bedroom in a private house. The landlord will also live in the house. You will have to adapt your lifestyle to fit in with theirs and respect the customs of the household.

    Bedsits: a single room in which you will have to live and sleep. You may have to share a bathroom and a kitchen with other residents. You will be independent but you may be lonely.

    Flats and houses: after living in the UK for a while, you can share a furnished flat or house with your friends. You share the rent, heating and lighting bills, the food bills and the cleaning. It can be cheaper than other types of accommodation and you live with people of your choice



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