If you’re considering taking the IELTS exam, IELTS Exam Preparation courses will help you succeed! You want to be as prepared as possible when taking your exam. Practice your English and learn the best test-taking strategies. Both the Academic and General Modules are covered within IELTS courses.

This courses aim to:

Improve your level of English

Become familiar with the test format and the content of the exam and to know what to expect when taking the exam

Practice all four sections of the exam within the Academic or General tests

Develop exam strategies to maximize your potential

Identify your strengths and areas for development

Feel more confident before the test

Courses Content

IELTS courses focus on further developing the four skill areas tested in the exam. IELTS courses usually focus the following:

Getting familiar to the exam Developing skills (e.g. Increasing reading speed, planning an essay)

Coming up with an exam strategy

Developing academic vocabulary

Sitting through practice tests



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